The Cause

In 2022, Begawan transformed into an Open Learning Community centered on self-sufficiency, community engagement, and sustainable development. It addresses local and global challenges such as conservation, education, environment, social, and cultural issues. With a commitment to preparing individuals for a dynamic world, Begawan aims to create an inclusive space, welcoming people of all backgrounds, while preserving Bali’s identity. Begawan’s programs encompasses various sites, including a Breeding and Release Centre for Bali Starlings, Learning Centre, Dining Experience, Farm & Cooking School, Regenerative Rice Fields, and Permaculture Farm Garden, all supported by local networks in Melinggih Kelod Village and expanding to the greater Payangan area.



Begawan leads community-based programs focused on conservation, education, agriculture, and cultural heritage, in addition to farm-to-table dining and retail, where people can donate to get our program-related products. We seek to have a broad impact on the local community and greater social, cultural, and environmental contexts through each of our programs.

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