In 2018, Begawan Breeding Center returned to its original location in Melinggih Kelod village, and since then, 54 Bali Starlings have been released and monitored in 18 different sites within the village. The territorial behaviour of these birds necessitates a distance of over 200 metres between release areas, prompting continuous exploration for new suitable locations within Melinggih Kelod to ensure ample safe spaces for releases.

Bali Starlings playing at a release site’s nestbox

Preserving Bali Starling’s Habitat in Our Regenerative Farm

Begawan focuses on identifying potential areas within Melinggih Kelod village to address the shortage of secure release spaces. The goal is to maintain and increase the Bali Starling population and their habitat. Visitors to the breeding centre can have a unique experience by observing captive birds and witnessing their successful adaptation in one of the Release Sites located in Banjar Bayad. This particular site is associated with a 1.8-hectare regenerative farm featuring rice fields and a permaculture garden. 

This initiative reflects Begawan’s commitment to sustainable agriculture, emphasising the avoidance of agrochemicals. The farm’s healthy production of heritage rice, horticulture products, fish, poultry, and livestock not only supports soil health and water conservation but also contributes to biodiversity preservation, including the released Bali Starlings.

Guests’ experience to connect with Bali Starlings by feeding them.
Guests’ experience to connect with Bali Starlings by feeding them.

Diversity of Visitors

Begawan Breeding Center and the unique Release Site welcome a diverse range of visitors, including enthusiasts, bird watchers, researchers, students, media, journalists, government representatives, influencers, YouTubers, volunteers, donors, and sponsors. There is no limitation on visitors and the tour is open to the public, accommodating up to 10 people by appointment. This inclusivity encourages a broader audience to appreciate and contribute to the conservation efforts for the Bali Starling and its habitat.

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