The Begawan Art Expo was a celebration of creativity, hard work and artistic talent, organised by the student group, the Eco Warriors. The event was held on 5 February 2023, at the Multifunction Building in Payangan and was a showcase of the students’ skills, environmental awareness and entrepreneurial talents.

Preparation and Hard Work of the Eco Warriors

Since early January, the Eco Warriors have been putting in a tremendous effort to make this event a success. They formed a tight-knit committee, divided themselves into several divisions, and practised their dancing and singing performances, as well as preparing to host a paper quilling workshop and a body accessories making workshop. They had produced various symmetrical products, including seed-based body accessories, Barong miniatures, paper quilling creations, eco-printed tote bags, food and beverage, and seashell mandalas, which they sold during the event. In the two weeks leading up to the event, their preparation intensified, with the students practising their dancing performances, choir singing, presentation skills, and hosting skills.

Facilitator assists students to prepare seeds accessories that will be featured at the Begawan Art Expo

Spectacular Display of Cultural Diversity through Dance and Song

Students dancing Korean Buchaechum Dance

The students kicked off the event with a series of musical performances that left the audience in awe. The musical performances included duet singing by Gek Sinta and Gung Putri, a Balinese creative dance, a Buchaechum dance from Korea, a Saman dance from Aceh, and a choir performance singing Laskar Pelangi. The young performers displayed confidence, poise and talent in front of an audience of around 100 adults and children. The applause was thunderous, and it was clear that the audience was thoroughly entertained.

Students dancing a Balinese Creative Dance

Artistic and Entrepreneurial Exhibition at Begawan Art Expo

Students are selling seashell mandalas that they have created

Following the musical performances, the students organised an art exhibition where they displayed and sold their symmetrical art products. The variety of products was impressive, ranging from paper quilling products, seed-based body accessories, Barong miniatures, seashell mandalas, and eco-friendly products like tote bags with eco-printing. The students’ hard work and attention to detail paid off as the products were in high demand and sold out quickly, generating an impressive profit of 800.000 rupiah, which they later split among themselves.

Students are selling Barong Miniatures

Peer Teaching: Empowering and Inspiring the Community through Workshops

The event ended with workshops, where the students taught others how to make an owl-shaped paper quilling and seed-based body accessories. It was inspiring to see the young Eco-Warriors sharing their skills and knowledge with others, and it was clear that everyone who participated had a great time.

Paper Quilling Workshop

Leadership and Life Skills

The Begawan Art Expo was guided by two young MCs, Gayatri and Deva, and led by Angga as the head of the committee. The event provided the students with an opportunity to develop important life skills, including teamwork, perseverance, resilience, confidence and entrepreneurship. Through this experience, the Eco-Warriors not only showcased their artistic talents and environmental awareness but also gained valuable life skills that will serve them well in the future.

Celebrating the Accomplishments of the Eco Warriors

The Chairman of the Expo delivers the opening speech, accompanied by two MCs

The Eco Warriors did an amazing job showcasing their talents and environmental awareness at the Begawan Art Expo. The event was a great success, with over 100 participants, and 30 parents and 70 school children in attendance. The students’ passion, creativity, and drive were on full display, and we are excited to see what they will accomplish next. We are proud of the Eco Warriors and their impact on the community and look forward to their future endeavours. (Irham)

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