Greetings as we approach the end of the year! Begawan reflects on a year filled with challenges and joys, expressing gratitude to all who have shared this extraordinary journey with us.

Building Innovation through Nature

Throughout the year, Begawan Learning Centre embraced three themes: Biomimicry, Animal Tales and Growing in Bali. Each theme culminated in a final project aimed at fostering teamwork, discipline, and utilising information and natural resources. In Biomimicry, students presented videos creating products inspired by nature. In Animal Tales, students promoted empathy and conservation values, incorporating an entrepreneurial mindset by fundraising for Bali Starling conservation through merchandise sales. Stay tuned for the excitement of their final projects in the Growing in Bali thematic class!

Students are searching for the name of a tree based on the clues provided in the Secret Forest

Bali Starlings in their Released Habitat

As part of our conservation efforts and commitment to Bali Starling preservation, a pair of Bali Starlings were released in Pak Dogy’s compound early in the year. Following the first release, a comprehensive conservation journey ensued, involving bird observations, site preparation, habituation activities, and meticulous monitoring. This careful approach ultimately led to the successful release of another pair of Bali Starlings into the wild in Banjar Paneca, north of Ubud. This process ensured a smooth transition for the birds, observing behaviour, acclimatisation to the natural environment, and thorough preparation for life in the wild.

Two Bali Starlings sharing a meal

More Committed Farmers towards Sustainability

In 2022, we initiated our regenerative farming efforts, resulting in a more diverse ecosystem achieved by completely eliminating chemical usage. Through collaboration with local farmers, our farming initiative has engaged with six dedicated individuals to implement regenerative farming practices in their rice fields. Introducing one field and one farmer at a time, our regenerative rice initiative marks the beginning of a healthier Bali, promoting sustainable farming practices and increased earnings for local farmers.

A moment when our students had their first experience with rice harvesting.

Facing Challenges with Gratitude

Facing a year full of challenges, Begawan celebrates these achievements with profound gratitude for the support and dedication provided by all. The high spirits of our Learning Centre students not only inspire us but also drive us to continue sharing knowledge about sustainability. Through Bali Starling conservation and regenerative farming initiatives, we are committed not only to preserving Bali’s ecosystem but also serving as an educational platform for our students and surrounding schools. Thanks to everyone who has journeyed with Begawan this year; may the coming years bring us even more blessings.

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