Field trip day! It’s time to explore the outside world. Begawan Learning Centre always strives for meaningful and contextual learning, and one such experience is through field trip activities. After two months of studying Animal Tales, students have learned about various kinds of animals and their characteristics, food chains in various ecosystems, the causes of the extinction of different species and conservation efforts.

Having discussed conservation efforts, students undertook a field trip focusing on a first-hand experience with conservation. During this field trip, the conservation of marine zone animals was emphasised. They visited two locations: a mangrove conservation area and a turtle conservation centre –  completely new experiences.

Exploring the Mangrove Conservation Area: KUB Simbar Segara

This activity took place on Sunday, July 30, 2023. Our Eco Warriors were full of excitement. Firstly, they engaged in activities at KUB Simbar Segara, a place dedicated to mangrove tree conservation. Accompanied by expert guides in mangrove conservation, they discussed the vital role of mangroves and the animals inhabiting mangrove forest habitats. The Begawan students actively participated by planting mangrove seedlings. Each child planted one seedling to contribute to the preservation of mangroves and the fauna dependent on these unique habitats.

Eco-Warriors planting mangrove seedlings without worrying about getting dirty, as it’s a natural part of the process.

But that’s not all! They also had the opportunity to navigate the mangrove forest river in canoes and small boats, take a leisurely walk on the mangrove track, spot animals living in the mangrove ecosystem, and even enjoy panoramic views from the top of a tall tower. This activity allowed them to see the mangrove forest from all angles. Not only did they learn about mangroves but they also had fun with their friends in a new environment.

Eco-Warriors planting the mangrove seedlings

Learning at the Turtle Conservation Centre: KUB Sari Segara

After completing their activities in the Mangrove Forest, they proceeded to the second location: the turtle conservation managed by KUB Sari Segara in Kesiman. They received education about the vital role of sea turtles, observed the sea turtle egg sanctuary and learned the proper procedures for releasing hatchlings.

Eco-Warriors closely observe turtle hatchlings.

Prior to the release, they cleaned the area to ensure no litter would interfere with the hatchlings’ journey to the ocean. Then, standing neatly behind the line set by their guide, each student received 2-3 hatchlings to release. The moment of releasing the hatchlings was meaningful and touching; they cheered for the little creatures and offered prayers for their healthy growth in their natural habitat.

Students witnessing the hatchlings being released.

What an incredible adventure they embarked upon. Can’t wait for the next field trip!

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