On 9th September, Begawan Learning Centre welcomed parents to a special gathering, embodying the essence of our students’ educational journeys. This event celebrated our students’ outstanding achievements, reflecting our educational philosophy’s core values and the unifying spirit that binds our community.

Group photo of Begawan’s students

Artistic Showcases and Creative Endeavours

The afternoon began with two heartfelt dance performances. The “Animal Movement Dance” beautifully portrayed creatures such as the siamang, elephant, peacock, tiger, Bali Starling, rabbit, kangaroo, ant and giraffe. The performance was followed by a lyrical dance that conveyed a message of the urgent need to protect critically endangered Bali Starlings. Near the stage, our students showcased their entrepreneurial spirit, presenting a range of products featuring their unique artwork, including designed tumblers, notebooks and mugs. The dance performances and merchandise stand as testament of our students’ dedication, hard work and creativity demonstrated during the Animal Tales theme. 

Dance performed by Eco Warriors representing Bali Starlings

Robotic Class Showcases Innovative Projects and Engages Peers in Gaming Fun

During this event, students from the robotics class also presented their final projects, which included the wire buzzer game and the labyrinth escape game.  Other students actively engaged by participating, trying out the games created by the robotics class students. Watching their fellow students play the games created by the robotics class over the course of four sessions, we all felt a deep sense of pride and joy.

Eco Warriors playing a game created in the robotics class

Parental  Engagement and Support

The event then transitioned into an informative session led by our Senior Education Officer, who offered insights into our educational approach, core principles, programs, as well as introducing the facilitators who nurture our students’ growth. Parents gained information about our admission process, schedules, assessment methods, transportation and meal support and attendance requirements. The highlight of the afternoon was the distribution of Shining Light Letters, which gave detailed and comprehensive assessments of our students’ character development over the past six months. These assessments revolved around qualities such as confidence, teamwork, active participation, resilience and creativity, offering a holistic view of each student’s remarkable growth and the shared values that define Begawan Learning Centre.

Begawan students accompanied by their parents read the Shining Light Letters

Recognising and Rewarding Dedication

To conclude this memorable event, we recognised and rewarded students who exhibited unwavering commitment to their learning journeys at Begawan Learning Centre. Some received t-shirts, others proudly displayed their trophies, and many were honoured with certificates of achievement. Congratulations to all our dedicated students, and thank you for being a part of our thriving educational community.

Facilitator with student trophy recipients

‘Growing in Bali’ Thematic Lesson Preview

Eco Warriors have successfully concluded the ‘Animal Tales’ theme and are now embarking on a new thematic adventure entitled ‘Growing in Bali’. This exciting journey will immerse them in the world of native plants in Bali, exploring their characteristics, habitats, reproduction, and various applications across fields like medicine, fashion, culinary arts and cultural heritage. Our mission is to deepen students’ understanding, conserve natural treasures and celebrate Bali’s vibrant biodiversity. Through hands-on activities, interactive workshops and immersive field excursions, Eco Warriors will forage for treasures, create herbal remedies (Usadha Bali), craft delicious dishes using locally sourced ingredients, experiment with natural dyes, and venture into the wilderness to identify trees and their native habitats.

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