As the Bees and Butterflies theme came to an end, the Eco Warriors organised a festival to raise awareness of the need for the conservation of bees and butterflies. The festival was held on Sunday, 15 May 2022 and located at Begawan’s Learning Centre in Melinggih Kelod, Payangan. Our Eco Warriors invited their family members, friends and other special guests to attend the festival. This festival was led by our beloved MC, Wayan, who is also one of our Eco Warriors.

Performance by Eco Warriors during the Festival

During the festival, there were various performances, including a choir singing in English, a contemporary dance, and a mini-drama about bees and butterflies. The choir consisted of eight students: Devi, Yudi, Welian, Gek Sinta, Arysma, Saktu, Dekta, and Kayela. They performed a song entitled ‘A Million Dreams’ which is from the soundtrack of the movie, The Greatest Showman.

Parents of Eco Warriors come to Bee and Butterfly Festival
Parents of Eco Warriors come to Bee and Butterfly Festival

The festival then moved on to a contemporary dance performance. This dance group consisted of ten students: Angga, Sangtu, Deva, Dode Ana, Levin, Juna, Gek Sinta, Ayunda, Dewayu, and Luh Sri. They performed a dance created by our Balinese Dance facilitator, Dek Sri. The dance itself told of children who live in metropolitan cities paying a visit to a village where they were amazed to see picturesque scenery.

The mini-drama was performed by Angga, Sangtu, Deva, Gek Sinta, Dewayu, Sangade, Juna, Levin, Ayunda, and Luh Sri. The storyline told of farmers who usually spray chemical pesticides on their plants without knowing that the pollinators’ lives could be in danger because of the chemical content of the pesticides..

Facilitators and Eco Warriors moment after festival
Facilitators and Eco Warriors moment after festival

Showcase Product during Bee and Butterfly Festival

After enjoying the performances, the guests moved to the location of a variety of exhibits. The exhibition was run by Danu, Rizka, Nata, Dhiky, Made, Yudi, and Teguh, who showcased various products including beeswax candles, bee hives, young plants, and ogoh-ogoh, a kind of Balinese statue or giant doll. Guests were also able to enjoy meals and drinks sold by our Eco Warriors: iced coconut water and Tipat cantok, a Balinese dish made of boiled vegetables with ketupat rice cake, served in peanut sauce.

By the end of the festival, the Eco Warriors had successfully earned income from guests who bought the products and meals they provided. Our students not only learned to perform in front of a big audience, but they also learned entrepreneurial skills. We sincerely want to congratulate our students for the success of this event. We are very proud of each of them! (Devi Devanthi)

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