A pair of Bali Starlings, also known as Jalak Bali, were released back into the wild on 16 March after undergoing a 3-month habituation process. The release took place at a carefully selected location where previous Bali Starling releases have taken place. The site boasts a healthy vegetation cover, a clean water source and an abundant food supply, making it a suitable environment for the birds to thrive.

Bali Starlings, After about 3 months of adaptation inside the habituation enclosure.
After 3 months’ adaptation inside the habituation enclosure.

Conservation-Based Community Involved in the Release

The Bali Starling release was carried out by our team of conservation officers and members of the local community, which is tasked with ensuring that the birds are not disturbed or threatened by any potential danger that could compromise their survival in the wild. The release also marks the removal of the birds from confinement and the beginning of their journey towards full independence in their natural habitat.

Intensive Monitoring Ensures Successful Adaptation

Post-release, the Bali Starlings are monitored intensively for two weeks to ensure they adapt well to their natural environment. The monitoring process is carried out regularly to assess the birds’ health and to identify any challenges they may face in their new surroundings. The Bali Starlings’ successful adaptation to their natural habitat is essential to the conservation efforts aimed at protecting the species from extinction.

Plans for Future Releases Near Schools to Promote Conservation Awareness

As part of our continued conservation efforts, the Bali Starling release team plans to release more birds in the future, this time in the vicinity of schools. The team hopes that by involving school children in the release process, they will increase awareness of the importance of conservation efforts aimed at preserving the Bali Starling population. The Bali Starling is a critically endangered species, and every effort counts in ensuring its survival.

Post release monitoring by Begawan Team
Post release monitoring by the Begawan Team

The successful release of the Bali Starlings is a significant milestone in the ongoing efforts to conserve this critically endangered species. The team’s collaborative approach involving community-based conservation groups and intensive monitoring ensures that the Bali Starlings have a fighting chance in their natural habitat. By raising awareness among school children, the team hopes to inspire future generations to take an active role in protecting Bali’s unique wildlife. (Adrian)

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