We enter year 2021 with the sad fact that Covid-19 positive numbers are rising significantly in almost all parts of our beautiful Bali Island, like in most parts of the world. But we are beyond blessed that our Learning Centre has been allowed to continue our activities with very strict health protocols.

The children understands about the pandemic we are facing and how to adopt to the situation. In one of the classes they make a video project where they explain about corona virus and educate others on how to apply health protocols. They express the importance in protecting family members, eating healthy food, maintaining social distance, washing hands, and wearing masks.

Teaching children about conservation is very important. That is why our education program places strong emphasis on creating environment conscious young generation. We observe that vast majority of children are more disconnected from nature than previous generation as they spend a lot of time in front of screens. The way to fix this is to get kids play outside and educate them about nature.

If we educate them they can learn to make small acts to help conserve our planet and to love nature and animals. To teach children about conservation will ensure long term health of our planet for generations to come. 

Our tips for educating children about conservation is to make it fun and get them excited! Our suggestions is to go on a hike, survey neighbourhood wildlife, make compost, play nature-themed games, plant a garden, visit national parks and aquariums, plan family nature adventure, listen to birds, and make animal themed art. Meanwhile on conservation side, our team together with representative from Madhusara Breeders Association, Wayan Susana, has visited Kicau Bali Tabanan, a bird breeding centre in Tabanan. We shared our knowledge and learned from each other on the best ways to breed Bali Starlings. It was a great experience to be able to exchange knowledge. (Naomi Tribuana Festilani)

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