Recently, the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia launched a program called the Initiator Teacher. This is a program for teachers and education practitioners who, as learning leaders, encourage student growth and development holistically, actively and proactively, developing other educators to implement student-centered learning and become role models and agents of transforming the educational system. In other words, this is a program to transform education in Indonesia.

Begawan Foundation has conducted student-centered learning by implementing ‘Learning By Doing’ at their Learning Center as well as in school programs. Zeni, one of the foundation’s education staff, joined the program to become an initiator teacher for the Community of Initiator Teacher Education Practitioners.

The involvement of Begawan Foundation began with an invitation from the Directorate General of Teachers and Educational Personnel of the Republic of Indonesia inviting Zeni as a representative of the foundation, and the only participant selected from Bali, to attend a Community Development Workshop for Initiator Teacher Education Practitioners in Jakarta over three days in October. This workshop was attended by education practitioners from all over Indonesia, from government representatives to school representatives, to discuss the development of the education practitioner community.

Several topics were discussed, including the philosophy of national education, career development and teacher competence in Indonesia, digital literacy, minimum competency assessment, differentiated learning, and the practitioner community. Thank you to the Directorate General of Teachers and Educational Personnel for inviting and involving us in the process of transforming education in Indonesia. Hopefully this will be a collaboration that can lead to a more creative, thought provoking, student-centric system of education. (Zeni Natalya)

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