Begawan Learning Centre is transforming the way in which students learn about the world of work. Instead of simply reading about different careers, they get hands-on experiences by meeting professionals from various fields once a month. Begawan’s passion-based learning activities are enriching students’ horizons, opening their eyes to the many opportunities available to them.

The Importance of Hands-On Experience

Over the past year, Begawan has welcomed a diverse range of professionals, including police officers, firefighters, and university lecturers. These experts have shared their knowledge, skills and experiences with the students, answering their questions and offering valuable insights into their respective fields.

Eco Warrior students observe Bali Starlings from outside enclosure

On 17 March, the Eco Warriors class visited the Begawan Breeding Centre in Banjar Begawan to meet with Sugiarta, an experienced veterinarian. Sugiarta has been caring for Begawan’s Bali Starling for many years, and he was eager to share his knowledge with the students. The day was filled with exciting activities that helped the students gain a deeper understanding of the challenges and rewards of being a vet and conserving endangered species.

Role-Playing and Learning by Doing

The day began with a presentation from Anik, a Begawan Conservation Officer, who spoke to the students about the Begawan Program in Bali Starling Conservation. This was followed by a role-playing activity that helped the students learn how to prevent poaching of the Bali Starling in the wild, taking part in this interactive activity, and putting their critical thinking and problem-solving skills to the test.

A Day with the Veterinarian

Next, the students met with Sugiarta to learn about the educational pathway to become a veterinarian and the different jobs that veterinarians perform. They learned how to care for the critically endangered Bali Starlings and witnessed the vet giving medicine for parasite infestation and conducting a necropsy.

Throughout the day, the students were encouraged to ask questions and share their thoughts and ideas. Sugiarta was impressed with the students’ curiosity and enthusiasm, and he was happy to share his expertise with them.

The day ended with a drawing activity that helped to promote the conservation of the Bali Starling. The students drew pictures of the bird, which will be displayed in their homes to remind them and others of the importance of protecting endangered species.

Encouraging Students to Take Action

Overall, the Eco Warriors’ visit to the Begawan Breeding Centre was an unforgettable experience that helped to inspire and motivate the students. By providing hands-on experiences and opportunities to meet professionals from a variety of fields, Begawan Learning Centre is helping students to discover their passions and interests and pursue their dreams. (Irham)

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