In Bali, the mandala symbolises unity, a concept that transcends mere aesthetics. At Begawan, we’ve embraced this philosophy to guide the way we nurture our crops. Our focus extends beyond mere visual organisation; it’s about conveying a meaning – the harmony within diversity. This principle is at the core of our current practices, creating a harmonious ecosystem that thrives. Read on for a closer look at how we’ve woven this philosophy into our garden.

The Fish Pond at the centre of the garden’s mandala.

The Fish Pond

At the centre of our permaculture garden is a fish pond where nile tilapia and catfish thrive on a diet primarily sourced from our garden, including chopped vegetables and Azolla, also known as mosquito ferns. This setup isn’t just about sustaining the fish; it operates as a closed-loop system where their waste becomes a valuable resource. Rather than discarding the waste, it plays a crucial role in our garden’s health. The ammonia derived from the fish waste gradually transforms into urea, a valuable nutrient that circulates across the mandala beds, providing essential nourishment for our crops.

A Closed-Loop System

Our garden operates on a self-sustaining principle. It not only generates what it needs but also revolves in a cycle of perpetual abundance. This closed-loop system ensures that waste from one element becomes a resource for another. It’s a testament to our commitment to sustainability and reducing waste.

A well-functioning ecosystem is evident through its diverse ecology.

A Diverse Ecosystem

The harmony within diversity isn’t just a concept; it’s a living reality in our garden. In addition to our thriving fish population, we have created a natural habitat of birds such as Bali Starlings, insects and lizards. These diverse elements work in harmony to support the garden’s unity, resulting in an environment where all elements complement one another. This balance enhances the fertility and vitality of our garden, making it a thriving ecosystem.

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