After releasing a flock of six young Bali Starlings on 7 April 2022 at one of the fields owned by a local farmer in Banjar Bayad, four of these birds are often sighted in the initial field release site, and two are spotted at nearby local family compounds

On 11 July 2022, Begawan released another pair of Bali Starlings in Banjar Begawan, Melinggih Kelod Village. This release took place after two months of habituation to the environment. The foundation’s aim is to successfully release captive-bred birds at a safe release site.

Begawan's Habituation Enclosure
Begawan’s Habituation Enclosure

The event must be conducted in the best interest of the birds to be released, which includes minimising handling and selecting an appropriate time of day for release. Observing the condition of the release site and its surroundings is an essential part of pre-release procedure, as well as undertaking a survey to look at the following aspects: habitat, adequate food supply, adequate natural water sources, and no obvious predators.

The release was attended by Martin Schacht and his team of documentary filmmakers from Germany. They have been filming footage of Begawan’s community-based activities in conservation, education, and Bali heritage rice farming to be included in their documentary.

Under the supervision of the veterinarian, Begawan staff and a bird monitoring team which consists of local young bird enthusiasts will monitor the released birds regularly until they are assured that the pair have settled. (Nitya Swastika)

Bali Starling After the Release
Bali Starling After the Release
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