During 2022, Begawan has already conducted two releases of Bali Starlings.

Releases of the Bali Starlings

The first release of a pair took place on 25 January 2022 at a local family compound. The female has since laid three eggs and is now incubating them.

The second release was of a flock of six young Bali Starlings which took place on 7 April 2022 at one of the rice fields in Banjar Bayad, a nearby neighbourhood. Four of these young birds are often sighted in the initial rice field release site, and two are spotted at nearby local family compounds.

Veterinarian checks on schedule in the office
Veterinarian checks on schedule in the office

Under the supervision of the veterinarian, Begawan is now habituating another pair of Bali Starlings to be released in July. They are currently in a temporary enclosure in Banjar Begawan.

The team has placed a further six young wild Bali Starlings in an enclosure to be released in the fourth week of August 2022.

Veterinarian regularly monitors the Bali Starlings
Veterinarian regularly monitors the birds

Monitors the Birds

Currently, the conservation team regularly monitors the birds, both the wild ones and the ones in the temporary enclosure at the planned release sites, while the vet and the bird keeper check the readiness of the birds to be released.

Last week, the vet surveyed a further two release sites, both on the land of two local farmers who support Begawan’s activities. A third site is in the family compound belonging to the Kelian (hamlet head) Banjar Tibekauh who supports Begawan’s conservation, education, and farming programs. The vet has chosen the perfect pairs for the releases and the team will install a habituation enclosure in all locations. We would really love to see more Bali Starlings flying freely and safely in Melinggih Kelod Village. (Nitya Swastika)

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