Nature is full of symmetrical items. People, plants and animals all demonstrate symmetry. Symmetry is nature’s artwork, creating beauty, balance, and harmony.

The Eco Warriors at Begawan Learning Centre have been studying the Natural Symmetry theme for approximately two months, with activities such as making bracelets and necklaces from seeds, practising symmetrical dancing, making Barong Ket miniatures, and designing symmetrical logos.

Making Bracelets and Necklaces from seeds

symmetry necklace and bracelet

Students learned the differences between dicots and monocots, cooked edible seeds, sowed papaya seeds, and created animal and plant collages from seeds. They also made body accessories in the form of bracelets and necklaces from Jenitri and Hanjali seeds, two types of seeds frequently used for a variety of  handicrafts in Indonesia.

Symmetrical Dancing Practice

Movements and accessories in dance also represent symmetry. Students practised three different dances – Balinese creative dance, Acehnese Saman dance, and Korean Buchaechum dance. The activity began with the making of symmetrical dance accessories to be worn during dance practice. With these activities, the Eco Warriors then contextualised the concept of symmetry through their body movements.

Barong Ket Miniature

Barong Ket Miniature

The Eco Warriors worked together to learn about various types of Barong, a panther-like character in Balinese mythology, and created miniatures of Barong Ket. They identified and analysed the majestic appearance of Barong which utilises various symmetrical forms and ornaments.

Designing Symmetrical Logos

Observations were also made of numerous famous brands that use symmetrical logos and learned the benefits of using symmetry in logos. Each student then individually designed a symmetrical logo for the Begawan Art Expo, the final project of the Natural Symmetry Theme. At the end of the activity, they voted for the best logo to be used in the final project. (Irham)

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