We are thrilled to take you on a journey of discovery with the students at Begawan Learning Center, inspired by a unique design approach that looks to nature to solve human problems. By studying how organisms have adapted to their environment and how nature solves its problems, biomimicry can be used to create stunning, sustainable, and innovative designs in the realm of fashion.

Exploring Biomimicry

During their exploration of biomimicry, the students learned about the secrets hidden in nature’s designs. They discovered the unique characteristics of burdock burrs that inspired the invention of Velcro, which has made all our lives so much easier. They marvelled at the structure of the taro leaf and how it inspired waterproof materials that are both functional and useful. And they were amazed by the behaviour of spiders, which inspired people to weave fabric and nets that are strong and resilient.

But that was just the beginning! On one particular day, the students delved deeper into the world of biomimicry, exploring ideas inspired by fascinating creatures. They learned about the graceful movement and shape of the mantis and the jellyfish, the extraordinary behaviour of the frilled lizard, the intricate texture and pattern of the fan palm, and the distinctive shape of the black bat flower and albuca spiralis. The students were divided into small groups of four members each, and each group had to work together to create a fashion piece that was inspired by one of these natural wonders.

Creating Fashion Pieces

The students discussed their ideas and set to work with cement, paper and cardboard. Each group had a model to showcase their fashion piece on the runway, and the other members of the group acted as fashion designers. As the day progressed, the students’ creativity and collaboration reached new heights, as they used the shape, movement, texture and patterns of their chosen creature to create the design and construction of their pieces.

The students collaborate to divide the roles, some become models while others do the styling.

The Runway Show

And finally, the moment arrived when the models confidently strutted their stuff on the runway, showcasing their fashion pieces inspired by nature. The students were thrilled and satisfied with their hard work. The activity emphasised the importance of creative work and collaboration. By working in small groups and supporting each other, the students used their creative ability, enhanced their communication skills, and let their curiosity drive them to create a meaningful learning process.

Eco Warriors showcase their work by catwalking on a puzzle mat.

We can’t wait to see what the future holds for these students as they continue to explore the limitless potential of biomimicry in fashion. Who knows what wonders they will create next? (Sati)

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