To summarize their learning as well as to close the theme of “Growing in Bali”, on April 28-30 2021, the Eco-Warriors at the Begawan Foundation Learning Centre made  a video coverage of interviews with each other. Their goal is to share the knowledge they have acquired with others.

Each Eco-Warrior has the opportunity to become a reporter and an interviewee. One Eco-Warrior who served as an interviewee explained the topics that had been studied in the theme “Growing in Bali”, such as making eco-enzymes, making ketupat, explaining weeds, making compost, and making natural colors. Meanwhile, Eco-Warriors who acted as reporters were tasked with extracting information from sources using the 5W + 1H (what, where, when, why, who, how) technique they have learned in class.

They explored information related to topics that will be shared by browsing on the internet. They learned to be creative so that this information can be shared interestingly on our YouTube channel. They also have repeatedly practiced with friends and provided input to each other so that the video shoot can run smoothly.

Begawan Foundation focuses on education for the village children and conservation of the endangered Bali Starlings. Even though it seems like these are two different activities, the two actually support one another. At its centre, the core work of Begawan Foundation is building the local community in Melinggih Kelod and surrounding areas.

Eco-Warrior Students practiced interview
Eco-Warrior Students practiced interview

We wish to show our appreciation for all Eco-Warriors who have dared to appear in public and are willing to share knowledge with others.

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