It is always hoped that tourism has a positive impact on the economy of the region that is visited. Sustainable tourism, however, is designed to have a positive impact not only on the economy, but also on the society, the environment and local culture. In sustainable tourism, there is not only consideration for the needs of the travellers, but also the needs of the local communities, local businesses and nature.

Positive Impact - Isabel sees the birds from outside of the enclosure
Isabel observes the birds from outside the enclosure

Begawan Visit Programs adopting Sustainable Tourism

Begawan has adopted sustainable tourism for its visiting programs by providing new experiences to travellers, introducing programs to help local communities in Bali. There are various visit programs that we provide to the Bali Starling Breeding and Release Centre, the Learning Centre, the Subak Temple, the Regenerative Rice Fields and Permaculture Gardens.

Ian and Begawan team give food to the birds
Ian and the Begawan team feed the birds

Visit Program Begawan for Better Community

In December 2022, we welcomed two guests who wanted to know more about our initiative in the Bali Starling conservation project. Isabel, a bird lover from Australia who is on holiday in Bali, was able to observe the Bali Starlings being cared for, participating in preparing food for them and watching the free-flying Bali Starlings in our rice fields.

The other guest was Ian David, a guest at Como Shambhala Estate, which is adjacent to our breeding centre location. As a bird watcher and bird lover, he is very enthusiastic about the program that we have been undertaking for over 20 years. He said that 30 years ago, in Bali, he saw a Bali Starling in a cage in an appalling condition. When he learned of Begawan’s initiative, he decided to tell his friends about our conservation program hoping that they will also visit us.

Isabel relaxing at Lumbung (Balinese Rice Barn)
Isabel relaxing at Lumbung (Balinese Rice Barn)

“It’s lovely, it’s such a nice opportunity to visit and see what you are doing for conservation and for the community, how you’re giving back to the community and it’s great to see, it’s beautiful. I love the Bali Starling and would like everyone to come here, and have more people know about this bird and how endangered it is and how important the work you are doing is,” said Isabel. (Adrian HS)

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