• Bali Starling

    Bali Starling

    Begawan’s first initiative, the Bali Starling Conservation Program, was launched in 1999 with the goal of saving this critically endangered bird from extinction.

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  • Mitchell’s Lorikeet

    Mitchell’s Lorikeet

    Begawan has been working to conserve Mitchell’s Lorikeets, native to both Lombok and Bali, now considered critically endangered in both places.

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The Experience

Visit Begawan Breeding and Release Centre

Immerse yourself in meeting the critically endangered Bali Starling!

Enjoy a unique outdoor activity observing conserved and free-flying Bali Starlings at a close distance. Get to know about the program’s history and observe the different enclosures – quarantine enclosures cater to sick or new birds, socialisation enclosures are where the birds can select their partners, and private breeding enclosures each house pair. Learn about their breeding cycles, the preparation for nest making, the role of the parent feeding their young, and the fledging of young chicks.

Prepare bird food with our Bird Keeper while keeping an eye on the site’s free-flying pair of Starlings, who regard the breeding centre as their own personal home. Visit Begawan’s community breeders and see our free-flying Bali Starlings, released at their home compounds. Through this visit, you will have a new understanding of this beautiful species and Begawan’s long-established efforts to conserve them. You may visit us at the Breeding and Release Centre from Monday to Saturday by appointment.

Begawan Bird Walk

Join our bird walk and sight the critically endangered Bali Starling flying freely in the wild!

With over 20 years of hands-on experience in Bali Starling conservation, our goal is to release this species back to nature and increase the population. Begawan has done a remarkable job releasing this Bali mascot in Nusa Penida and Sibang. Now, our focus is Melinggih Kelod Village, Payangan, where we are located. Collaborating with the local community, we work to establish this village as a safe environment for free-flying Bali Starling and educate people on the importance of conservation. In the past five years, we are proud to have released a number of Bali Starling pairs and flocks in Melinggih Kelod.

Apart from the Bali Starling, more than 40 bird species are observed at our location. Some of them have a conservation status of Near-threatened and Vulnerable. By joining our bird walk, you can sight these rare birds and other species of birds in our village and contribute to the continuation of our conservation program. This experience is available early morning from Monday to Saturday by appointment.


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