Money in the form of coins or notes is a well-known medium of exchange used in our daily lives. It is easily recognised, even by children. When they go to school, they often bring money to buy small items, using coins and banknotes issued by Bank Indonesia, and referred to as Rupiah.

The Eco Warriors are learning about money in the ‘Commercial Math’ theme during October and November 2021. They work on activities ranging from researching the history of money to examining currencies and conversion to other countries’ currencies. The methods used are varied, from watching movies, reading books, to presenting the information they find on the internet and various other sources.  The activities always begin with imagining and contemplating monetary topics introspectively.

The Eco Warriors really enjoyed imagining having 100 million Rupiah in cash, and working out what they wanted to do with the money. All the students suggested donating some of their money to the Learning Centre. Some of them even had the idea of expanding the Learning Centre and adding facilitators, so that more children could participate.

It is interesting and gratifying to see that our Eco Warriors instinctively think altruistically. During these two months of learning about money, this attitude will be developed with various other methods and activities. What other activities will we do? Await our update about our activities with the Eco Warriors! (Zeni Natalya)

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