Biji (Coming in 2022)

Indonesia has been known throughout history for its bountiful spices, brought to the world through the spice road commodity trade pioneered by Indonesian merchants following land and sea routes. Most spices were carried across Asia, through China, along the Silk Road. That was a trade that drove the world economy. Indonesia, blessed with a rich food culture, produces a large variety of special pastes, incorporating many of these spices, then added to a range of dishes. Enjoy the soul, the ‘taksu’ of those authentic Indonesian and Balinese dishes at Begawan Restaurant, Biji. Biji means seed, the original source of all vegetable and fruit produce. Experience culinary adventures, farm-to-table dining, using traditional spice ingredients, organic fruit and vegetable produce, some foraged by our local farmers, and methods of preparation that require patience and time. A variety of fish are available directly from our organic aquaculture ponds. Watch the preparation of dishes in Biji’s open kitchen, engage with our local and visiting chefs. In the Balinese Wantilan, our elevated airy dining space, enjoy the sunset and 360-degree views – north to Mount Batu Karu, south across the rice fields. Located within Begawan’s regenerative rice fields, organic gardens, and animal farm, Biji is also the site of our Farm and Cooking School.

Begawan Farm and Cooking School

Begawan Farm School provides our students with the knowledge and experience of the rice cycle and organic farming procedures in practical activities. The students participate in tasks that must be undertaken to grow agricultural produce, led by our local farmers. Our goal is a better appreciation of their own food first and foremost, and an awareness of where their food comes from. The rice cycle, the farming of seasonal fruits and vegetables – active participation is the key to understanding. Connected to the Farm School, our Cooking School provides students with the experience of cooking these ingredients and spices to create dishes that they can share and later cook for their families in their own compounds. This not only teaches them cooking as a life skill but also ensures they learn more about nutrition and health and develop their awareness of their own food-related cultural heritage, providing a holistic farm-to-table learning experience.

The Experience

Begawan Cooks – Farm-to-Table
Balinese and Indonesian cuisine is closely tied to the community’s culture and ways of living. Cooking offers an unparalleled experience to immerse yourself in the local lifestyle. Seek to learn more about Balinese culture and create delicious meals yourself in a farm-to-table experience. You’ll also get to know customs and culture relating to food in Balinese society. Start the experience in our organic garden, collecting fresh seasonal vegetables and spices. Walk from our gardens to the aquaculture ponds where freshly caught fish will later be prepared. Collect your eggs from our organic chickens and ducks. Once your ingredients are gathered, it’s just a short walk to the Cooking School. Put on your apron, and get ready at your cooking station. Our trained local chefs are there to assist you. Sit down for a delicious lunch or dinner, one which you have prepared and cooked, and leave not only with an understanding of traditional dishes but also with a recipe book to recreate this menu at home.


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