Humans will always depend on the availability of food around us, foods which have a significant impact on our bodies’ overall wellness.  We frequently overlook the fact that the environment in which these food supplies are grown has an impact on human life. A healthy plant-growing environment will certainly provide plants with maximum nutrition for the body. On the other hand, a plant-growing environment filled with chemicals will certainly have the opposite effect. To raise awareness and motivate more people to participate in efforts to save the environment for a healthy life was the role of our Eco Warriors.

Eco Warriors Learn about Soil and Farming

The tasks undertaken by our students to increase awareness were developed in the theme of soil and farming, studied during August–October 2022. The main topics include the significance of soil health, understanding the different types of soil, the functions of soil, soil erosion, soil conservation, different types of farming, the rice cycle, and regenerative farming. The Eco Warriors also looked at the production of organic fertilisers and pesticides, the role of the Subak in Bali, organic farming practices, and Dewi Sri’s philosophy for soil fertility in Bali. Learning activities consisted of group discussion activities, simple experiments, field trips, interviews, presentations, and creating works of art.

Eco Warrior Students sharing their knowledge at SDN 3 Melinggih Kelod

After three months of study and exploration, the Eco Warrior class decided to conduct a science exhibition named Science Expo as the final project. The Begawan Learning Centre collaborated with SDN 3 Melinggih Kelod to facilitate this activity. Preparation was carried out for 2 weeks at the Learning Centre, and commenced with the formation of a student committee, agreement on the learning outcomes to be displayed, the preparation of tools and materials, and practising presentations.

Students Show Off their Skills at The Science Expo

The Science Expo was conducted on the afternoon of October 28, 2022, and was attended by around 60 students, consisting of students from SDN 3 Melinggih Kelod and invited guests. There were 7 exhibition stands consisting of stands for organic fertilisers, organic polybags, organic pesticides, water filtration experiments, making vegan butter, making crafts from cement, and soil erosion experiments. All booths were managed and presented directly by the Eco Warriors. At each booth, the students and the audience communicated interactively through presentations, question and answer sessions, and experimental trials.

Cement Crafting Stand by Eco Warrior Students

In addition to listening to the presentation and asking questions, at the Organic Fertiliser Stand, the audience was able to make organic fertiliser from egg shells. At the organic polybag stand, the audience learned how to make polybags from banana leaves and were able to take home polybags that had been planted with seeds as souvenirs. At the organic pesticide stand, the audience created pesticides with prepared ingredients. Science experiments were held at the water filtration and soil erosion booths. Souvenirs were available at the cement craft stand, as was vegan butter at the organic food stall.

The Expo closed with souvenirs in the form of a charter, organic fertiliser, and organic pesticides, given directly by Welian, an Eco Warrior, as the head of the activity committee, to Ni Wayan Jenik, the school principal. The principal also spoke of her interest in the many interesting activities she had seen during the exhibition. She expressed her hope that knowledge-sharing activities and a collaboration between her school and our students can continue as they increase awareness, provide educational support activities, and add new practical knowledge. (Assabti N Hudan M)

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