Due to the rise of the Covid-19 cases in the middle of March 2022, face-to-face learning activities at Begawan Learning Centre had to be temporarily exchanged for online learning for approximately two weeks. During this specific period of time, the Eco Warriors continued their ‘Bees and Butterflies’ thematic lessons at home by following facilitators’ instructions delivered via WhatsApp. On a daily basis, facilitators at Begawan Learning Centre offered numerous at-home learning activities for the students. These included watching educational videos about butterflies, completing online crosswords, completing online quizzes, and developing various creative work activities, to mention just a few.

As the Eco Warriors had previously finished learning about bees, during the at-home learning the students began to learn more deeply about butterflies. They watched YouTube videos that contained rich and interesting information about butterflies such as the metamorphosis phases, the mating process, the distinctive characteristics of Indonesian endemic species, the differences between butterflies and moths, and the general anatomy of butterflies. After watching the videos, they also showed their understanding of the videos by completing an online quiz (kahoot.it) and crossword (crosswordlabs.com) provided by the facilitators. The Eco Warriors could repeat the videos and retake the online quiz and crossword until they got everything correct!

In addition to these mainly-cognitive activities, active and emotive learning experiences were also available for the Eco Warriors. One activity was to construct collages of butterfly shapes using natural resources. In this activity, the Eco Warriors were given control and autonomy over their own learning to create collages of butterfly shapes using natural resources such as leaves, branches, stems, and flowers around their own homes. They were encouraged to use combinations of colours, shapes, and patterns to imagine the beauty of butterflies, and share these with other Begawan students in the students’ WhatsApp group. As a result, the Eco Warriors were completely engaged with the activity and were very successful. Utilising available natural resources around their vicinities, all of them succeeded in creating unique and aesthetic collages of butterflies.

Great job and Congratulations Eco Warriors for making such beautiful collages of butterfly shapes! We can’t wait to see your next creative work! (Ircham Maulana)

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