Finger Painting is a fun and creative activity that allows children to express themselves. At Begawan Learning Centre, we recently held a fingerpainting session for our Eco Warriors, aged 8-13 years old, as part of their thematic class on natural symmetry. 27 students participated in the 2.5 hour session, and the results were amazing. We’re excited to share this activity with you in this edition of our newsletter.

Learning about Primary and Secondary Colours

Painting - The students mix primary and secondary colours to create new shades
The students mix primary and secondary colours to create new shades

Before beginning the session, the students made their own paint using materials such as starch, water, oil, soap, and food colouring. The process of making the paint was easy for the students, and they also learned about primary and secondary colours as they mixed and created new shades. The students were able to learn the basic concepts of colour theory while having fun creating their paint.

Introduction to Free-Style Symmetrical Painting

In the first session, the students were shown how to create a free-style symmetrical painting. They painted on one half of the paper and then folded it to make a symmetrical painting. The results were beautiful, and the students were amazed at how their paintings turned into symmetrical objects. Students created bears, butterflies, rainbows, and abstract paintings.

Friendship Finger Painting Activity

In the second session, the students participated in a friendship finger painting activity. They were divided into five groups. Each group consisted of 5-6 students, and they were tasked with creating a complete picture together, cooperating and communicating in order to create a group picture. 

Painting - The students are finger painting on a sheet of paper.
The students are finger painting on a sheet of paper

The students were so enthusiastic about the finger painting activity that they couldn’t wait to continue creating more art at home. They took the remaining paint home with them, eager to experiment with new colour combinations and designs. “It was fun and I will make it at home,” said one of the students.

Continuation of Artistic Creations in the Future

The artworks are by students from the finger painting class
The artworks created by students in the finger painting class

We hope the students enjoyed learning about finger painting at Begawan Learning Centre. Not only is fingerpainting a fun and engaging activity for children, but it also allows them to tap into their creativity and learn about colour theory. We can’t wait to see what other artistic creations our Eco Warriors will come up with in the future! (Desy)

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