On June 29 – 30, 2021, the Eco Warriors organized a Food Festival as their final project in the Cooking Science theme. This activity was attended by a variety of guests, such as school teachers, parents, previous Begawan Foundation education staff, a team from Amandari Hotel & Resort, an international senior teacher, and several people who have supported the students’ education.

This activity began with a planning discussion. From this process, the Eco Warriors agreed to make four stands serving a variety of foods. One stand served traditional Balinese food such as lilit satay (satay mixed with grated coconut), lawar (seasoned mixed vegetables and minced meat), daluman (juice made of leaves), and lawe (snacks made of banana). One stand served Indonesian food, the other two stands served Asian and International food. They had an art stand with t-shirts and their handmade bags. They also performed their artistic skills in puppetry, piano, and dance activities.

To tie in with the Food Festival, the education staff held a meeting with parents. A total of 39 parents and 57 children attended this activity. The commitment of parents in supporting their children to study at Begawan Foundation could be seen by the high attendance at this meeting.

After showing their entrance tickets, which were created for all visitors to ensure health protocols were adhered to, parents visited each stand. All tickets had different attendance times with a maximum of one hour allocated to the Food Festival area in the front yard and back garden of the Learning Centre. Eco-Warriors were able to demonstrate the results of their learning to their parents who then provided feedback. This is also part of the collaboration between parents and children in the learning process.

“Through this Food Festival, children can express their ideas to make menus, and learn to work together. As a parent, I am very enthusiastic. Thank you to the education and all staff at BF,” said Luh Santini, the parent of Putu Asri, an Eco Warrior who has been with Begawan Foundation for two years.

Thank you for the cooperation and extraordinary spirit of the parents and Eco Warriors of Begawan Foundation. Thank you to everyone who attended the Food Festival and supported the education of Eco Warriors at the Learning Centre. (Zeni Natalya)

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