Early in February 2021, during the Animal Tales theme, the Sunflower group of Eco-Warriors had the opportunity to take a field trip to the rice fields near the Learning Centre. This field trip aimed to provide the Eco-Warriors with hands-on experience to observe the animals they encountered on the trip. Following these observations, the Eco-Warriors were asked to think about and write down questions that crossed their minds about the animals they saw. Through these questions, the students became curious about nature, especially the behavior and habitat of animals. Some of the questions that they wrote were “What kind of food do ducks look for in a muddy rice field?” and “What is a butterfly’s sleeping position?”

On the way back to the Learning Centre, they found a lot of plastic waste stuck in a water channel near the rice fields. Most of the waste was in the form of plastic bottles and plastic wrappers. The Eco-Warriors know that these items are difficult to decompose and will endanger the environment. One Eco-Warrior took the initiative to invite the others to clean up the waste before returning to the Learning Centre.

Without hesitation, the other Eco-Warriors agreed and were eager to clean the water channel. After they collected the waste and cleaned the water channel, another problem arose. The Eco-Warriors were confused about how to bring the waste to the Learning Centre. They were not carrying trash bins or containers that can be used to carry the garbage as the clean-up activity wasn’t planned.

After observing the surroundings and discussing together as a group, one Eco Warrior came up with a brilliant idea. Seeing many hanging roots around the water channel, the Eco-Warriors decided to use the roots to tie up the waste. They used different types of knots to ensure the bottles and other waste were tied tightly. Thanks to the hanging roots and the creativity of the Eco-Warriors, the plastic waste was easily brought to the Learning Centre to be recycled.

Environmental preservation is one of the important values that Begawan Foundation tries to instill in its students. Thank you Eco-Warriors for your initiative in saving the environment! (Ketut Desy Pramita)

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