These days, we seem to hear a lot about organic foods, but there are actually a wide variety of organic products other than just food. From food to household cleaners to toothpaste, an organic option will often offer the same benefits without any potentially harmful chemicals and additives. Our regular toothpaste is designed to fight the bad bacteria living in the mouth by eliminating them with chemicals such as fluoride, sodium lauryl sulfate, and saccharin. By using organic toothpaste, we can prevent harmful chemicals from damaging our teeth.

On July 20, as a part of our Teeth Theme, Begawan Learning Centre’s Eco-Warriors decided to make their own organic toothpaste after researching the toothpaste they normally use, which is full of chemicals. The students used coconut oil as the natural antibacterial, organic cocoa powder as the replacement for fluoride and added flavor, baking powder as a whitening agent, and organic stevia to decrease the sour flavor which came from the coconut oil.

Facilitator introducing the ingredients to make an organic toothpaste
Facilitator introducing the ingredients to make a toothpaste

This organic toothpaste did not need any complicated materials and instruments, it only needed a bowl, a tablespoon, a teaspoon, a jar, and a wooden spoon. Firstly, the students poured two tablespoons of coconut oil into the bowl, then added four tablespoons of baking soda. Our students took turns mixing these two components and then added one teaspoon of cocoa powder and two teaspoons of stevia. When adding the flavor and natural sweetener, our students decided on the amount based on their own preferences.

After mixing all four components, our Eco-Warriors poured the completed organic toothpaste into a small glass jar and then placed it in the refrigerator for ten minutes. While waiting for the toothpaste to set, the students had lunch and decided to use the toothpaste after finishing their meal.

Our students began to realize that using regular toothpaste might lead to damaged teeth because of its excessive chemicals. The students also learned the better option of using natural-sourced toothpaste. This activity has proven once again that Begawan is keen to pay attention to its students’ health. (Devi Devanthi)

Eco Warriors learn how to make their own toothpaste
Eco Warriors learn how to make their own toothpaste
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