Happiness brings many benefits such as a longer life, better relationships and a stronger immune system. All are important, especially at this time. For this reason, the Begawan Foundation Learning Center implements activities designed to increase the happiness of the Eco-Warriors while they are studying at home.

The emotional activities involve Eco-Warriors in enjoyable experiences that keep them motivated, and can include connection, expression and creativity.

In October, with the theme of adaptation, Eco-Warriors showed their creativity by creating songs and poetry. Their songs and poems show their affection for their family members and friends. In their songs, they also invite the public to adopt a clean and healthy lifestyle. The songs were then distributed among the Eco-Warriors and Parents group so that they can also be enjoyed by everyone.

Listening to their songs, we can see their creativity, their happy faces and their self-confidence. Several studies have shown that positive emotions in students support students’ success in learning and assist them to achieve their goals. Hopefully these activities by our Eco-Warriors can also provide motivation for other children.

Thank you to all Eco-Warriors who have continued to follow the lessons. Thank you also to all parents who have supported learning activities and encouraged their children’s creativity. (Zeni Natalya)

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