Bali is famous for its beautiful culture and arts. One of the most interesting of the Balinese arts is Balinese dance. Balinese dance itself has many types and functions. These dances can be seen in performances and at ceremonies. Not only is it interesting to watch a performance, it is also an interesting activity to learn.

To participate in preserving Balinese dance, our Eco Warriors learn Balinese dance every Saturday. Eco Warriors, from four villages in Payangan, come to the Bale Banjar Pengaji to practice Balinese dance organised by Begawan Learning Centre in collaboration with Banjar Pengaji. This is a real step for them to preserve Balinese culture.

Their tenacity to practice has resulted in a graceful and beautiful dance for them to perform. Over the past two years, the girls have practiced two dances, while the boys have practiced one dance. The girls have learned the Panyembrama and Puspanjali dances, while the boys have learned the Wirayuda dance.

Recently, Kadek Sri, the dance teacher at Begawan Learning Centre trained the girls in Rejang Dewa, Sekar Jagat, Margapati, and Condong dances. The boys also practiced additional dances: Gopala, Sekar Ibing, Jangeran, Baris Gede, and Baris Tunggal. After practicing for seven classes, five Eco Warriors confidently took part in the Condong Bali and Baris Tunggal dance competitions organised by Sekaa Teruna Yowana Dharma Pratiwi, Sukawati.

This is the first experience for Eco Warriors to take part in a dance competition outside their village. Even though it was their first time and they were a little nervous, they still performed confidently on stage. They did their best and were able to overcome their fear of performing in front of many people.

Congratulations to the Eco Warriors who have shown their  bravery and confidence by performing in this competition! (Zeni Natalya)

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