Begawan Foundation Learning Centre is in Melinggih Kelod, a typical community village with rural customs, far enough from the hustle and bustle of the city, and where nature is still beautiful. Even though they live in a village, the children are enthusiastic to get an education.

When we see the passion of these village children, we are motivated to continue providing unlimited education activities. We see the enthusiasm for learning, and we believe that all children are capable of doing anything they want to. Their potential and abilities should be facilitated to develop optimally by providing quality learning opportunities equal to, or even more than, that provided to urban children. They are entitled to equal opportunities to hone their skills even though they live in villages and have less access to urban facilities.

We make this happen at Begawan Foundation Learning Centre. The students have access to education without any restrictions on place of residence, age, gender, or economic status. What matters most is their willingness and commitment to learning. That way, we give them the opportunities for a quality learning experience that knows no boundaries.

Our students have the confidence to choose the learning they want to explore. One of the lessons they study is science. Students from Elementary School to Junior High School take this class without fear or embarrassment of failure. Since the beginning of this class, children who are only in the 3rd grade of elementary school have also joined. The amazing thing is that they always come with enthusiasm even though the lessons are more difficult than their lessons at school.

Since the beginning of August, 14 Eco Warriors have been more diligent in coming to science lessons. coming every morning for 1 hour to study biology. They came, not only every Monday-Friday, they also sometimes came on Saturdays and even during their holidays. It was all because they were preparing to take part in the national biology competition held by Universitas Udayana.

Before competing, they knew that they would be up against students from all over Indonesia. However, it did not frighten them. It made them more eager to learn. As a result, the youngest Eco Warrior named Gek Sinta who took part in this competition was ranked 21 out of 35 elementary school participants. She even managed to beat students who were already in the sixth grade. Her older sister, Gek Ami, ranked 11th out of 35 elementary students in Indonesia, and ranked 3rd in Bali.

Who would have thought that a student from a remote village without urban facilities could rank 3rd in Bali? However, with access to education without city and village limitations, all children can succeed. With equal opportunities,  all children can demonstrate their talents. (Zeni Natalya)

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