On March 21, 2021, under the theme ‘Growing in Bali’, the Eco Warriors studied one of the topics, namely plant cells. The education staff invited the Eco Warriors to observe the shape of carrot plant cells.

To aid in the observation, Eco Warriors used a microscope. Not many Eco Warriors knew the function and workings of a microscope, indeed some of them were just seeing a microscope for the first time! They wondered how the microscope worked so that it could help humans see objects as small as carrot cells.

To satisfy their curiosity, Eco Warriors found out how to use a microscope researching via the internet on their tablets. By watching videos and reading articles on the internet, the Eco-Warriors found a lot of information about microscopes and became more and more enthusiastic about trying out the microscope hands-on.

Before practicing, Eco Warriors learned to make thin slices of carrots to place on microscope slides. This was very challenging for Eco Warriors, they discovered that if the slice was too thick, the carrot cell shape could not be clearly observed. Eco Warriors made repeated cuts until they had the ideal size for observation. Our Eco Warriors never give up.

After the carrot cells were ready, Eco Warriors then tried to adjust the ocular lens, objective lens, exposure, and focal point of the lens. They realized that many of the components of a microscope had to be arranged beforehand so that they could see carrot cells clearly under the microscope.

They were surprised that the plant cell when enlarged (viewed under a microscope) turned out to be as unique as a densely lined hexagon web, a display that is difficult to see with the ordinary eye (without tools). Eco warriors now know how to use a microscope. They are increasingly curious about many things, stating that they wanted to observe other small objects such as bacteria in pool water, viruses, bacteria in drinks, blood cells in humans, amongst other things. (Ketut Desy Pramita)

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