The Bali Starling Ambassador Program, initiated by Begawan, aims to educate local students in Payangan about the critically endangered Bali Starling and its crucial role in Bali’s biodiversity. Through this program, students gain a deeper understanding of the species’ unique characteristics, habitat and conservation status, fostering a strong appreciation for protecting the Bali Starling and its environment. By actively involving the younger generation, we empower them to become advocates for conservation, instilling a sense of ownership and responsibility. Unfortunately, this program was temporarily halted during the past COVID-19 pandemic, but we are pleased to announce its return in 2023.

Past Bali Starling Ambassadors

Collaborating with Local Schools

Partnering with local schools in Payangan, Begawan is working with dozens of passionate students and teachers who possess effective communication skills and a dedication to conservation. During visits to the Begawan Breeding and Release Centre and Regenerative Farming site, participants engage in various activities such as roleplay, presentations, bird feeding, enclosure tours and observing the magnificent Bali Starlings. They also explore rice fields, permaculture gardens and visit a poultry farm. Our goal is to give students knowledge and awareness about Bali Starling conservation, motivating them to take further action within their schools and communities. It is our  way to broaden our impact as an organisation among the local younger generation.  

Students  observe Bali Starlings in their breeding enclosures

Currently, the Bali Starling Ambassador Program consists of 10 members from SDN1 Melinggih Kelod. Our vision extends to reaching out to more schools in the Payangan area. By the end of the year, we aim to establish partnerships with five additional schools, expanding the program’s reach and actively involving over 50 Bali Starling Ambassadors.

Bali Starling Ambassadors from SDN 1 Melinggih Kelod


Participant testimonies illustrate the program’s impact. Putri, a 5th-grade student, expresses her joy in discovering new plants like basil and mulberry through the program. Bintang pledges to discourage harming the Bali Starling’s natural habitat. Wulandari, a teacher, wholeheartedly supports the continuation of the Bali Starling Ambassador activities at her school.

Students enjoys Begawan’s permaculture garden which is also one of our release sites

Join us in the Bali Starling Ambassador Program and be a part of the conservation movement that nurtures both nature and the younger generation!

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