As the newest member of the Begawan Foundation team, the most enjoyable thing I did in the first week was exploring Begawan Foundation’s garden and Learning Centre. I also had time to chat with the children who were painting the recycle bin lids while waiting for their cooking class to start. The Eco-Warriors took the initiatives themselves to do that. They also enthusiastically welcomed me and introduced themselves.

When I walked around the Learning Centre, I was invited to see the garden that were made by children there, from the youngest to the ones in high school. For the older children, they were experimenting with mushrooms, while the younger children were helping to look after the corn, chilies, passion fruit and other herbs that they could also use for cooking. I had a chance to try the passion fruit they grow in their garden, and even though it’s still a little sour, it was great to be able to try the fruit grown by these kids.

I see that the Learning Centre at Begawan Foundation is very different from where I  used to study, and I hope that more children can learn from a place like this. (Astari P Sarosa)

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