We are excited to announce that since February 2023, the students at Begawan Learning Center have embarked on a new learning journey during the theme of Biomimicry. This topic allows the children to explore the wonders of adaptation that exist in the natural world and how humans have applied these ideas to create innovative solutions to everyday problems. Through this theme, our students learn about the different levels of biomimicry, including form, behaviour and the ecosystem. They will research biomimicry, which will enable them to understand how nature can inspire the creation of sustainable and environmentally friendly designs.

The Levels of Biomimicry: Form, Behaviour, and the Ecosystem

At Begawan Learning Center, we are committed to providing our students with a holistic education that focuses not just on academic excellence, but also on the development of life skills. Our approach to learning is based on four principles, which includes cognitive, emotive, introspective and active learning.

For cognitive learning, our students engage in activities that help them differentiate the levels of biomimicry and analyse how nature has inspired innovation in technology. They explore the ways in which biomimicry can be used to create more efficient and effective products and systems.

To enhance emotive learning, our students delve into the beauty and intricacy of nature and discover how it sparks creativity and innovation. They will learn about the features of various natural forms and apply these features to design new and interesting creations.

The Importance of Sustainability and Integrating it into Daily Life

To encourage introspective learning, our students will engage in discussions on the process of adaptation in living organisms, and reflect on how humans can learn from nature to create sustainable solutions. They will develop a deeper understanding of the importance of sustainability and how it can be integrated into their everyday lives.

The result of applying biomimicry to the Lego blocks assembled by the Eco Warriors students.
The result of applying biomimicry to the Lego blocks assembled by the Eco Warriors students.

The students had an interesting experience during a recent activity where they designed and built nature-inspired buildings using Lego. They were fascinated to learn about how architects have drawn inspiration from nature to create structures that imitate natural forms. During the session, the students were shown Indonesian and international buildings that mimic nature, including cacti, sea turtles, lotus flowers, fish, bamboo, snails, clams, and even elephants!

Developing Life Skills Through the Biomimicry Theme

After observing these awe-inspiring structures, the students worked together in groups to create their own nature-inspired building models using Lego. They brainstormed and collaborated to bring their ideas to life, crafting models in the form of camels, trees, flowers, giraffes, crocodiles, and more. As the grand finale, the students presented their creations to the class, showcasing their unique designs and explaining why they chose to create such buildings and how they will function.

The students are assembling their Lego blocks.
The students are assembling their Lego blocks.

This hands-on approach allowed the students to directly apply their knowledge of biomimicry in an engaging and interactive way. Not only did they have fun building and creating, but they also developed crucial teamwork and creativity skills along the way. It was a memorable and enriching experience for all involved, inspiring the next generation of young architects and engineers to push the boundaries of design and innovation.

We are embarking on this journey of discovery alongside our students and we look forward to sharing their exciting and innovative ideas with you. Thank you for your continued support of our students’ education, and we hope that you will follow along with us on this exciting adventure. (Irham)

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