What do you think of when you first read the word ‘food’? Maybe you imagine  a variety of delicious dishes. Maybe you imagine eating a meal with someone in a place with good food. Maybe you also remember the taste of food that you cannot forget.

In fact, food is not just about eating or serving delicious food. Food in our Learning Centre relates to many things such as mathematics, planning, nutrition, cooperation, precision, art and aesthetics, hard work, appreciation, sensitivity, health, and hygiene. All of these are items that our Eco Warriors learned during the month of June 2021 with the theme of Cooking Science.

During this one month, Eco Warriors at Begawan Foundation Learning Centre learned how to cook various foods such as vegetables from banana stems, jackfruit, banana blossom, cooking on a gas stove and on open outside fires. They also practiced making traditional Balinese offerings after cooking. All the food they cooked has been documented in a book using English and Indonesian. While creating their recipe book, they analysed and wrote down the measurements of the ingredients used that would make the food more delicious. This process also allowed them to practice their maths and Indonesian reading and writing skills.

What’s more interesting is that they analysed the body’s needs by finding out the requirements  of each body organ, for example they learned that eyes need vitamin A that can come from carrots. They used this understanding of what the body needs as a basis for considering and making sure their meals were nutritious. They also used their recipes and references to discuss and collaborate when they were preparing for their Food Festival. (Zeni Natalya)

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