To motivate students to learn, the Begawan Foundation involves students in learning activities that provide a pleasant experience. There are many examples of fun activities that can be done during learning, one of which is Drama Performance.

Since the end of January 2021, our Eco-Warriors have been excited to do a Drama Performance. They’ve prepared with great enthusiasm. Unlike the previous performances which adopted drama from stories from existing books, this time, Eco-Warriors compiled or composed their own story.

The making of this drama performance and story was carried out by 18 kids. The story-making process shows a harmonious group dynamic, where kids would have the courage to express their ideas and also accept that some ideas might not be accepted by others. In making this story, they were encouraged to be confident in expressing ideas even though their ideas might not be accepted.

The Eco-Warriors always show their confidence in the story creation process. One of them, took the lead without hesitation. They express their opinions enthusiastically. Make their own story titles in the group, determine the story line they want, create the characters of the story, choose their own roles, and provide feedback on each other’s ideas in the group to create new stories. There are already two new stories created by the two groups of Eco-Warriors.

Indirectly, the process of making this drama trains the Eco-Warriors’ confidence. Besides that, it also trains creativity and thinking skills, especially in determining the story line.

Curious to know more about their story? Wait for the Eco-Warriors Drama Performance coming soon! (Zeni Natalya)

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