The growth of modern technology has resulted in many innovations that make our life easier. We can shop using a smartphone and the groceries will be delivered right to our doorstep the next day. This innovation that we can enjoy certainly cannot be separated from the creative thinking of its inventors.

Basically, every child can think creatively. When solving a problem, children will seek information by asking questions, trying to do new things, and working with their friends in fun ways. They have unlimited imagination and the ability to create solutions to the problems they face.

One of the activities to hone the creativity of Eco Warriors in the thematic class last November was to perform a musical poem with the theme of poverty. In the Commercial Maths / Money theme, apart from learning about money itself, the students were also invited to care about and be sensitive to social issues that are relevant to the theme of money, one of them being poverty. In small groups, they read the chosen poem together, discussed what it meant, and created the overall tone and gestures so that the message of the poem could be understood by other students.

The poem chosen by the Eco Warriors was “Gadis Peminta-Minta” (“Beggar Girl”) by Toto S. Bachtiar. After reading the poem, the students discussed their feelings of empathy and a wish to be able to do something when one day they meet a beggar themselves. Through this activity, the students become not only aware of the social problems in our society, but also become aware and motivated to do something about such problems. (Bonita Prasetyo)

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