Farming in this rainy season has presented challenges for Begawan. It’s been 145 days since the seeds were planted in July 2022. In December 2022, our Mansur rice was finally harvested. More local farmers have been inspired and decided to convert from conventional farming to regenerative farming, collaborating with Begawan.

Facilities to Support Local Farmers 

Begawan is committed to increasing the quality of the product. As the area of land with local farmers increases, the yield will also increase. An initiative to support farmer productivity is the further investment in facilities such as the rice storage barn, the renovation of a rice field temple, a rice milling facility and the construction of the Subak water filter.

Begawan Regenerative Rice Fields, Permaculture Garden, Subak Water Filter, and Lumbung
Begawan Regenerative Rice Fields, Permaculture Garden, Subak Water Filter, and Lumbung

Subak Water Filter Development

A complex Subak water filter has been constructed to ensure the water that enters the rice fields is not polluted by chemicals. Designed and constructed by an environmental team , this structure uses underground tanks to channel the water over gravel and volcanic lava rock, a natural filtration medium for bacteria due to its porous surface. In the surface pools, vetiver and water hyacinth, known to be effective at absorbing water pollutants, are grown.

Building Facilities after Harvest

Farmers take a rest at Lumbung (Balinese Rice Barn)
Farmers take a rest at the Lumbung (Balinese Rice Barn)

Investment in support facilities, including grain and rice storage warehouses, drying machines and grinding machines will speed up the drying and milling processes.

Distribution Network for Local Farmers

One of the advantages of being a Begawan community-based farmer is to be a participant in Begawan’s distribution network for the hospitality industry. Our team has contacted hotels and restaurants who wish to provide their guests with this product.

Regenerative Agriculture for a Healthier Earth

Our initiatives prioritise protecting the earth, especially soil as the core of all life in the universe. As shown in the film “Kiss The Ground (2020)”, no matter how small a contribution we make to the sustainability of the earth, it is to be enjoyed by ourselves and our descendants. We hope that through this regenerative farming system, more and more people will become aware, inspired and motivated.

Sustainable Food Market by Hotel Association in Bali

On 9 December 2022, the Bali Hotel Association (BHA) held its annual meeting and exhibition themed “Sustainable Food Market” at the Westin Resort Nusa Dua. 

Begawan Team at Sustainable Food Market Exhibition

The Begawan team introduced its 2022 agricultural program to managers and chefs from a variety of hotels in Bali. We handed out sample packs of Bali heritage Mansur rice to the participants so that they could take our rice home and prepare it themselves. We also shared stories about the conservation of the Bali Starling, a breeding and release program which has been running since 1999. We told of Begawan’s active role in opening up opportunities for children in the village to receive free quality education.  Although some participants had been unaware of our program, they expressed their appreciation for Begawan’s real work for the local community. (Dhamar)

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