Until now, Bali Starlings are still threatened with extinction. In conserving and maintaining the health of the birds at Begawan Foundation’s Breeding and Release Centre, we apply strict standards, from clean enclosures to intake of nutritious foods.

To maintain hygiene standards, our bird keeper Kadek Sanjaya cleans the enclosures every day. He always checks whether there is water for bathing, perches, and he keeps the vegetation supplies in the enclosures in very good condition. In addition, he routinely provides nest material, namely dry gliricidia sepium twigs, dry spruce leaves, various other dry leaves, and sawdust. The availability of various nesting materials provides options for Bali Starling parents who are about to lay eggs. He also regularly checks the nest box, especially in the breeding enclosures of pairs who previously have been seen making nests.

Every morning and afternoon, Kadek mixes up a healthy menu for our Bali Starlings which includes papaya, long beans, carrots, and sprouts for fruits and vegetables. Crickets, mealworms, and ant eggs are also given as protein boosters and eggshells provide calcium, especially for breeding pairs.

This standard does not only apply to the foundation’s Breeding and Release Centre. Every month, foundation staff with our veterinarian, Made Sugiarta, visit the compounds of Bali Starling breeders from the Madhusuara Breeders Association to ensure the breeders we work with adhere to applicable standards. Moreover, Sugiarta uses the Five Animal Welfare Principles in his regular visits to the breeders, namely the proper environment and diet, animal behavior patterns, shelter, and protection from pain and threats from predators. We hope that our efforts assist the conservation of this critically endangered bird species endemic to Bali Island. (Nitya Swastika)

Bali Starlings eating their food
Bali Starlings eating their food
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