On 20-21 January 2021, one of the topics studied by students at the Learning Centre is monitoring the preservation of endangered animals and their habitats. The Begawan Foundation Learning Centre, which applies the principle of learning by doing, invites students to learn to actively monitor the Bali Starling birds that have been released in the wild through field trips to rice fields located not far from the Learning Centre.

By walking together, they walked along the rice fields and water sources while observing the presence of rare animals and their habitat.

For students, this field trip activity was very useful and enjoyable. In addition to learning from real things, students do not feel bored because while they were actively looking at the large tree where Bali Starlings live, they also get to see various sources of bird food in their habitat, the refreshing water source nearby, and walk leisurely together with friends on the trail.

Learning monitoring in the wild can increase students’ curiosity. Many questions that arise from students while studying in nature include: Why are there many birds playing around the water fountain? What kind of bird sound is it? Where are the Bali Starlings?

In this field trip, students also found various kinds of animals such as birds, butterflies, and other insects. Most interestingly, the students found dead fish floating in a pond near the rice fields. Students were very curious and took the initiative to learn more about the cause of death.

Like detectives who are enthusiastic about solving cases, the students brought the fish back to the Learning Centre. Students used magnifying glass in active learning to dissect fish and to observe fish conditions, they found the differences in healthy and unhealthy fish conditions, and learn to measure fish lengths with a ruler.

Through this activity, students got direct experience learning about the shape and structure of fish organs.

After the fish has been observed, the students compost the fish, so that they can again nourish the environment.

Wow, the students really enjoyed the Begawan Foundation field trip activity. Thank you to our students who are very excited about learning together and have shown high curiosity. (Ketut Desy Pramita)

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