Begawan Foundation Learning Centre recommenced ‘face-to-face’ learning in the third week of November 2020, having been closed due to the pandemic, since March. At the same time, the education team implemented a special curriculum that has been designed by Begawan Foundation and the International Education Consultant Institute, Zaprendo. There are four main activities, namely introspective, active, emotional, and cognitive, which are essential to the implementation of the curriculum.

The Eco-Warriors are invited to carry out introspective activities every day, activities which invite students to reflect on each lesson and connect their learning with everyday life. The introspective activities are always carried out before commencing their new daily activities.

There are various kinds of introspective activities that have been carried out by the Eco-Warriors since November 2020. Mindfulness meditation, sitting silently with eyes closed listening to the sounds of animals around them, imagining the hopes of birds in nature, and connecting to nature is a great starter to the day. Every new insight that the Eco-Warriors experience from introspective activities can open their hearts and minds, enabling them to have a new understanding of the simple actions that can save the environment. Of course, that understanding has to emerge from within themselves.

Recently, we tried walking meditation as part of our introspective activity. This activity is done with eyes open, and Eco-Warriors walked slowly and quietly before starting their activities. They were asked to observe the feelings and thoughts that arose when they observed the surrounding environment.

The Eco-Warriors understood the need to be patient, to learn the importance of self-control and to be sensitive to the environment. They learned that the best way to work on activities in nature is to be quiet so they do not disturb the birds. Once back in the centre, they share their new insights with confidence and show that they are committed to applying their new insight to their daily lives. (Zeni Natalya)

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