In the seminal book, Wilding, author Isabella Tree tells the story of the ‘Knepp experiment’, a pioneering rewilding project in West Sussex, using free-roaming grazing animals to create new habitats for wildlife. Part gripping memoir, part fascinating account of the ecology of the countryside, Wilding is, above all, an inspiring story of hope. In the book, Tree discusses the decline of empathy and knowledge of nature in modern society, particularly among children, detrimentally affects the environment and individual well-being. This disconnection from nature goes beyond personal health, resulting in increased healthcare costs and environmental apathy. Nature, pivotal for health and well-being, enhances physical fitness, mental health, and cognitive function. Yet, modern urbanized living and fear-driven parenting often deprive people of these health benefits.

Begawan Learning Centre: Bridging the Gap

At Begawan Learning Centre, we stand as a beacon of change, dedicated to bridging the growing gap between today’s generation and the natural world that surrounds us. Our Learning Centre offers a unique opportunity for students to reconnect with nature in a tangible and meaningful way. In our efforts to reignite the connection with the natural world, we offer a range of immersive experiences that empower our students to become true stewards of the environment. Through the Begawan regenerative farming and gardening efforts, students engage in hands-on activities that illuminate the intricacies of sustainable practices.

As part of our comprehensive approach to environmental education, we also facilitate outdoor and semi-outdoor activities that allow students to forge genuine connections with the world around them. Our students have visited various natural environments in field trips such as bee farm in a forest, butterfly park, a secret local forest, sea turtle conservation, mangrove conservation, botanical garden, and so on. Through these field trip activities, our students gain a profound understanding of the interdependence of species and ecosystems.

Hands-On Conservation Initiatives

Our dedication to conservation extends beyond observations. Through activities such as planting mangrove trees, releasing sea turtle babies, village cleaning, water channel cleaning, beach cleaning, and temple cleaning activities, we empower our students to take tangible actions in safeguarding their environment. These initiatives instil a sense of responsibility and pride in their surroundings, nurturing a lifelong commitment to sustainability.

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