Open Learning Community
In 2022, Begawan is developing its Open Learning Community, based on self-sufficiency, engagement of community, and a focus on sustainable development. Diverse programs at Begawan began with concerns over critical challenges existing at local and global levels, particularly on conservation, education, environment, social, and cultural issues.
Having a strong commitment to the future, Begawan prepares those involved in its programs for a creative and responsible role in the world, meeting the complex demands of today and tomorrow. The goal is to establish a welcoming environment that meets the needs of the local community and beyond.
Begawan strives to create an inclusive space that welcomes people of all ages and social backgrounds, regardless of gender, nationality, ethnicity, religion, or disability, while simultaneously maintaining a local profile in which Bali is reflected in all of its programs.
Begawan consists of an ensemble of different venues and is supported by local networks within the village. The Breeding and Release Centre is based in Banjar Begawan, the Learning Centre in Banjar Pengaji, Begawan Restaurant, Farm & Cooking School are in Banjar Bayad, with Balinese dance and karate using the Balai Banjar in Pengaji. Begawan also works with the Pura and Puri in Melinggih Kelod.

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