Hi, my name is Ni Putu Sri Cantika Maha Dewi, one of the Eco Warrior. You can call me Cantika. I have been studying at Begawan Foundation since the time when the Learning Centre was still called Klub Lingkungan, approximately 4 years ago, in 2017. I was in 4th grade at that time. I’m now in 2nd grade junior high school, and I really enjoy studying at the Learning Centre.

I’m happy because the material that would normally be taught at school I am learning¬† at the Learning Centre. Here I also learn by hands-on practice or Learning by Doing and I can try new things. In addition, we are taught to use the language of love to motivate others and foster friendship.

I have always been participating in all the lessons given at Learning Centre since 4th grade. There are gardening, math, English, cooking, dancing, etc. I always come diligently, have almost never been absent. When I was in the 1st grade of junior high school, Learning Centre introduced a new lesson called the Thematic Class. I didn’t get a Thematic Class Schedule because Kak Zeni thought that as a junior high school student, I would not be interested in taking thematic classes.

At that time, I only got English classes, dancing, and cooking. I was disappointed because my class schedule was reduced. Thankfully, after I told Kak Zeni, I was allowed to take the class I wanted. So since then, I have take Thematic Classes, dancing, cooking, English, computers, and preparation for the Olympics. I am going for the science competition next month. Therefore I am getting more diligent and I come every day to prepare for the biology competition.

Recently, Kak Desy and Kak Zeni also added a new class that introduced me to Kak Netty via Zoom. Kak Netty is a flight attendant. Therefore, my aspiration to become a flight attendant is facilitated by my discussions with a real flight attendant every month. I am always excited about this class because I can ask anything about the world of flight attendants. I can get a lot of information and prepare myself to achieve my goals that way. What’s more fun, this class contains only me and Kak Netty. It’s like private lessons.

I have learned to ‘never give up on your dreams’. Dreams will give us a purpose in life that will lead us to success. However, we must keep in mind that success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. Therefore I am very happy to be able to spend my days with Begawan Foundation to make my dreams come true. Thank you to Begawan Foundation for facilitating and helping me to realize my dreams! (Eco Warrior Cantika Maha Dewi)

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