Hello my name is A. A. Istri Laksmi Pradnya Yanti, you can call me Gek Ami. I’m 11 now, but I’ll be 12 soon. I’m in 6th grade at SD Negeri 1 Melinggih. I live in Banjar Badung, Desa Melinggih. I don’t live in Desa Melinggih Kelod where the Learning Center is located, but I have been studying there for almost 4 years. I have participated as an Eco Warrior at the Learning Center since the first day it opened, at the end of 2017.

I have always loved studying at the Learning Center. I am excited to learn new lessons. Believing that the experience of entering the Biology Competition would be useful when I am in junior high school, when there was an announcement that there was a Biology Competition preparation class, I immediately signed up. I was excited to take part in the Biology Competition because I saw this experience as a valuable opportunity to learn. My parents would also be proud if I could win.

Realizing that the Biology Competition would not be easy because I had to compete against other students from all over Indonesia, I attended every time there was a preparation class. On August 17th or about two weeks before the competition, Kak Zeni brought a lot of books from her house. She brought middle and high school books. Some of the books were in Indonesian, a collection of questions and some were bilingual, in Indonesian and English. When I saw the books that Kak Zeni brought, I immediately became interested in studying the bilingual high school biology books. I was allowed to borrow a book and I was very happy, reading every day, every night.

One month passed so quickly while preparing for the competition. The Biology Competition time finally arrived. I was not too nervous because I’d been studying and meditating every day at Begawan Foundation. Every time we finished our Biology Competition preparation class with Kak Zeni, we meditated to imagine what would happen during the competition. I became calm and not too nervous. I put my trust in God and myself. After the Biology Competition, the results were announced the next day.

We had to achieve at least the top 10 to enter the final round and I came 11th. I’m still proud even though I’m not in the top 10. My dad said, “Congratulations, whatever you get, it’s for the best. Keep fighting.” That’s encouragement for me. Begawan’s education staff also motivated me by saying that the most important thing is to fight and do your best. I am so excited because I believe there are still many opportunities in the future. I have to continue to try and I will try harder to win the next Biology Competition. (Eco Warrior Agung Ami)

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