Hi, my name is Ni Luh Sri Apriliani. I am now in 4th grade at SD Negeri 2 Melinggih Kelod. I have been studying at Begawan Foundation Learning Centre since the 2nd grade of elementary school, so this is my second year studying here.

Studying at the Learning Centre never bores me. Here I have many friends and I am very happy to be able to discuss many things with them. At the Learning Centre I also learn English and Mathematics which I really like.

I aspire to be a singer. When we were given information that we could compete in a nationwide singing competition, I immediately volunteered to take part. I am very grateful to Kak Nitya who trained Ayunda and me to sing. Even though I did not succeed in being a winner, participating in this competition has been an unforgettable experience for me.

For several weeks before the competition, I practiced diligently every day at home and then at Begawan Foundation Learning Centre. We even made video clips with Kak Udit. I loved singing while dancing in the fields. Through singing and dancing, I am able to express myself.

Thank you Begawan Foundation for providing a valuable experience for me. (Eco Warrior Luh Sri)

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