Hello! My name is Nia, one of the Eco Warrior. I’ve been studying at Begawan Foundation Learning Centre since 2020 before the pandemic. During the pandemic, I diligently participated in ‘study at home’ with Begawan Foundation. I enjoy studying with the foundation.

When Begawan Foundation allowed us to study again at the Learning Centre, I was very happy. I come every day to the Learning Centre on foot. I never feel tired even when I walk. I also like to come earlier than my study schedule at the Learning Centre. Me and my cousins, ​​Gandhari, Intan, and Nanda always come early. We also like to play in the yard and garden after lessons are over. We come home only when the Sunshine class (the afternoon class) starts.

Intan and I were never absent during the month of May 2021. Therefore, we and several other friends such as Agus Eka, Kintan, Gek Diah, Dwi, Welian, and Kak Cantika (a junior high school student) were given the title of Titanium members.

Kak Zeni and Kak Desy said that Titanium members will be prioritized for all new programs or special activities. I was very happy when they announced that there would be a special workshop at Amandari Hotel & Resort. They said we would learn about interior design. At first, I was confused about what workshop it was, but I was very interested to know. I was very excited when on Saturday, June 5, 2021, I was invited to the Amandari.

When I got there, I actually met some new friends who were also attending the workshop. I really enjoyed being invited to tour the fabrics in Amandari’s library and exhibition room. I was also introduced to various types of fabrics such as batik from East Nusa Tenggara, endek (woven fabric from Bali), and ancient fabrics. I had been wanting to know about fabric for a long time. I finally got the information here. It was a surprise gift on Saturday for me. I could even learn to design the room the way I wanted. We designed pillows, decorated walls, windows, and sofas with Indonesian fabrics.

Thank you Mr. Radit and Ms. Trisna from Amandari for giving me and my friends the opportunity to study interior design with Ms. Melati! (Eco Warrior Nia Mahadewi)

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