In our commitment to preserve the Bali Starling, we ensure that we manage all aspects that must be maintained, such as providing the correct food, suitable enclosures, and supportive environmental conditions. In addition, we also maintain and monitor the health of the Bali Starlings that we breed at the Breeding Centre.

To ensure the health of the Bali Starlings, we check bird droppings to examine the health of the Bali Starlings. Our veterinarian and our bird keepers routinely check the bird droppings every 3-4 months.

This check is carried out by our bird keeper, Kadek, who takes samples of bird droppings inside the enclosures. Our veterinarian, Sugiarta, will then check them using a microscope to see whether our birds suffer from intestinal worms or are healthy.

In the last check a few weeks ago, the vet noted that several of our birds were suffering from intestinal worms. Our vet immediately administered medicine. Our bird keepers also prevented other birds from becoming infected with worms by transferring the birds identified with worms to our own quarantine enclosures. Those birds who have lost feathers, due to stress or boredom, are also treated. (Masthika Anandam)

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