Hi kawan Begawan, I am Wayan, an Eco Warrior from Begawan Learning Centre, and I just had the most amazing adventure at Waterbom Bali that I want to tell you all about!

The day started early – like, 5:45 in the morning! But you know what? It was totally worth it because we were heading to Waterbom Bali! On our way, we had fun singing songs together.

Waterbom Bali - 02
We had fun on the bus!

As soon as we arrived, we began to learn about water issues in Bali. It was eye-opening to see how important it is to take care of our water and environment.

Waterbom Bali - 03
Cultivate the habit of queuing, We’re queuing up to get our entrance bracelets

Then came the most exciting part – the debate! I played the role of a doctor named Siva and argued for using plastics responsibly. It was cool to hear everyone’s different perspectives, from farmers to presidents. I felt confident expressing my opinions, thanks to the preparation before the field trip. Guess what? I even won the award for the best participant in the debate!

Waterbom Bali - 04
We debated and responded to each other regarding the use of single-use plastics

After all that brainy stuff, we worked on a project together. My group came up with a great idea for an eco-friendly hotel. We planned everything from sorting trash, collecting rainwater to recycling water. It was like being a real-life entrepreneur!

Waterbom Bali - 05
This was when we encouraged each other to present and distribute roles

Next, we were taken on a tour of the Waterbom Bali facility. There, I saw how they recycle water and use reclaimed wood to make beautiful decorations. I also witnessed their waste management practices, efficiently sorting organic and inorganic waste.

Waterbom Bali - 06
Learning about how Waterbom Bali implements solar panels turned out to be interesting

But wait, there’s more fun to come! We spent the rest of the day swimming, playing, and zooming down water slides. My favourite slide was the one that dropped straight down – talk about an adrenaline rush!

Waterbom Bali - 07
Wooo! It was fun to enjoy our time playing on the water slides

As the day ended and we headed back home, I couldn’t stop thinking about how much I learned and how much fun I had. A big shoutout to all my friends and our facilitators for making this trip unforgettable. Here’s to more adventures and taking care of our planet together!

Waterbom Bali - 08
A group photo of us enjoying our time at Waterbom Bali

By: I Wayan Agus Satria Wibawa

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