Begawan Welcomed 12 Visitors this November

In November, Begawan welcomed 12 visitors to the foundation’s Breeding and Release Centre. The purpose of their visit was to see the birds and learn more about Bali Starlings. Many of them love birds, but are often unaware that the Bali Starling is critically endangered.

Experiential Interaction with Critically Endangered Birds

The visit program in Begawan starts at the Breeding and Release Centre where our guests learn about Begawan’s program. Every visit will offer a different experience based on the time the guest comes. This month, Lotte and Patrick were lucky enough to come in the afternoon when it was time for the birds to eat. Begawan’s team with the help of Lotte and Patrick prepared food for the birds. After the food preparation, they were allowed inside the enclosure to give the birds their bowls of food and observe Bali Starlings more closely.

Lotte participate to preparing foods for Bali Starlings at Breeding and Release Centre
Lotte prepares food for the Bali Starlings at the Breeding and Release Centre

Begawan Release Site and Rice Fields

After learning, watching and taking pictures, guests were taken to our release site at Banjar Bayad, where we have the habituation enclosure for the Bali Starlings before their release. In this area guests can occasionally can see a variety of birds, not just Bali Starlings. 

In addition to being our release site, Banjar Bayad is also the site of our regenerative agriculture, Mansur rice fields and permaculture garden. After spending time looking for free flying birds and seeing our release site, guests can rest under the lumbung (Balinese rice barn) and watch the farmers at work.

Begawan Team and PT. PLN Indonesia Power at Banjar Bayad
Begawan Team and PT. PLN Indonesia Power at Banjar Bayad

Aris Widihatmaka, one of our guests from PT. PLN Indonesia Power, was hopeful that with the assistance of Begawan, his descendants many years in the future will be able to see and enjoy the beauty of the Bali Starling. (Adrian HS)

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